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🐦 What is the soul?

Your soul is your personal information bank since we are energy until this moment in matter, there you would be, with everything you were, everything you did, all your past until now.

✨ How do I work?

I work with ethics, I am empathic and I will never judge.

We all go through different situations until the moment of inner healing arrives and I am here for your process to begin or continue with my accompaniment in the sessions.

I start by asking you for your full name, date of birth and where you live, so I know that I am channeling your soul as there can be energetic interferences of all kinds.

When I have channeled your soul, (my soul and yours will be together at a round table and chatting), then the session begins.

You will ask me the questions, concerns, what you bring for this session, to heal it, give you answers and give you awareness.

✅ What services I offer:

  • You bring questions from your life and I will channel your soul to give you the answers
  • I harmonize and do the energetic cleansing of your physical and energetic body in person or remotely. Also of open or closed physical spaces such as houses, businesses, your workplace, etc.
  • If you have been moved by a story inside after the workshop, let’s solve it
  • I accompany you to heal your traumas
  • I talk to your inner child to resolve and heal problems from your past that impact your daily life.
  • You wish to communicate with a family member or friend who has left this plane and wish to resolve pending issue
  • You feel ghosts watching you, there are spirits around you, strange sounds in your home, things are moving in your work, I will see why they are here and take them away so you can be at peace
  • And more things that we will be discovering and healing in the sessions…

❌ What I don’t do:

  • I do not answer about other people’s curiosities
  • I do not channel souls of other living people if they are not present in the session
  • I don’t answer about the future (I can alter your timeline and that brings problems)
  • Don’t ask me amorous questions about other people

📝 The sessions are focused on you to heal your inner self

💶 One week or one day before your session with me you must deposit 35 euros

📹🔴 The sessions last 1 hour and if you wish, they are recorded so that you can review them several times.

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You will write me by WhatsApp by clicking the yellow button below to schedule your time and I will give you the payment methods.

About Xavi Vall

I am a Vibrational Counselor, Clairvoyant and Medium.

After healing myself in many aspects of this life, I put into service all that I have learned and continue channeling to live in a new era of harmony.

In other lives I have also been a Medium and I return again at this time to continue harmonizing souls and help the planet earth that now needs it most.

I work through the soul as a channeler, what I do is connect with your soul.

Everyone has their own concepts, however, for me the soul, your soul is your personal information bank since we are energy until now, there you would be, with everything you were, everything you did, until now.

I do NOT work in the world of fortune tellers or in the world of veos veos.

When I channel your soul I will put clairvoyance and mediumship at the service of the sessions for the personal growth of the person, to be able to help you or share or accompany you to see how we can solve what is happening to you.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see the multidimension of what is happening to you, that you present me with a problem, the ability to see the different causes that can happen to these symptomatologies.

As a clairvoyant I can see what is happening to you and know how to treat it.

Then, sometimes a symptomatology, a blockage, has different causes and they are not in the same place, it can be a trauma, an ancestor, a karma, it can be anything.

And as a medium, I work the toxicities of your electromagnetic field, but it is not the one that contacts the soul or clairvoyance, the medium does not see what it is.

As a medium I can talk to the souls of the disincarnated, but I also work on the detoxification of your electromagnetic field, because there may be an entity or there may be something that is also preventing you from harmonizing or feeling good, with what you are telling me.

Well, you know about the sessions.

I also give a workshop, it is called: “Empower and Manage your Being in Harmony“.

Every 14 days on Sundays I give this workshop (it lasts 4 months) and we will work first on the strong foundations so that the house (yourself) does not collapse and then on empowering you through the major chakras so that you can manage your life being self-sufficient, away from needs and addictions.

Finally, I am now living in Ferreira do Zêzere, Portugal, in a life of peace, happiness and harmony, surrounded by nature, if you want to visit me… See you in the sessions!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you communicate with a deceased person?

Yes, however, I will communicate with his soul to bring you some message for your healing, I will not channel to deal with curiosities.

2. Why are you asking me for my personal data?

In the world of energy we are like in the sea and I need a clear direction to find your soul, that is why I ask for your full name, age and where you live to know that I am channeling your soul as there may be energetic interferences of all kinds.

3. Will any ghosts or spirits stick to me for talking to you?

No, even the ghosts or spirits that you have stuck to me, I will take them away and I will also do a harmonization and energetic cleansing.

4. I think I have a curse, can you take it off?

Yes, I will do a complete diagnosis to see if you really have any negative energy in you and I will clean your energetic and physical body.

5. Can you communicate with my pet, my plant or any mineral?

Yes, I can do it, harmonize it, clean it and give you the messages you want to transmit.

6. How long do the sessions last?

They have a duration of 1 hour and if you wish, they can be recorded so that you can review them as often as you wish.

7. Will the price of the sessions always remain the same?

No, this is a promotional price for a limited time.

What is the cost of the session?

* 35 Euros *
Promotional price

After scheduling and paying what happens?

You will wait for the day and time you have scheduled and you will call me through the platform we have previously agreed upon to start your session.

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